CIPFA members vote for governance changes


CIPFA is better equipped to face the challenges of an increasingly globalised marketplace after its members voted in favour of a new governance structure. 
The result of the AGM vote at CIPFA’s Annual Conference on July 7th means that CIPFA will have more transparent and leaner governance arrangements that better support the institute and its members in a rapidly changing international environment. 
Members at the AGM agreed to:  

  • Streamline and strengthen the strategic role of Council so it focuses on bigger long term challenges.  
  • Give Council greater regional responsibility with elected representatives who are regional rather than sector based. 
  • Make better use of honorary officer roles to more effectively support the President and the wider organisation. 

The changes will help reinforce CIPFA’s goal of moving away from being a UK institute to becoming the world’s leading go-to professional body for public finance and governance.
Rob Whiteman, chief executive of CIPFA, said: 
“As with many organisations we need to change and adapt to meet the challenges of our increasingly international market place and so I’m delighted that members voted so strongly in favour of the new governance structure. 
“These new arrangements represent a critical step in helping make CIPFA a more outward looking globally focussed organisation that truly represents its membership and all its regions in the UK and around the world.
“They will stand CIPFA in good stead for many years to come as we drive forward with our vision of becoming the global authority on public finance and governance.” 
CIPFA will now apply to the Privy Council to make changes to the Bye-Laws and the new rules should come into force in autumn 2015.