new counter fraud code assessment tool


A new Counter Fraud Code Assessment Tool has been launched by CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre this week, in the lead up to the publication of annual governance statements.  Local authorities are required to prepare an annual governance statement by the end of September 2015, and should include an evaluation of the adequacy of an authority’s counter fraud arrangements.

Today, local authorities have a responsibility to embed effective standards for countering fraud and corruption in their organisations.  This supports good governance and demonstrates effective financial stewardship and strong public financial management.

The Counter Fraud Assessment Tool enables local authorities, and public sector organisations and charities, to: -

  • inform development plans and support governance statements
  • record comments - providing a robust evidence base for the assessment
  • share and track progress with the team
  • assess and understand the organisation’s performance against recognised good practice
  • generate evaluation reports showing performance against the code of practice, and
  • benchmark against other organisations.

Trialling CIPFA’s new Counter Fraud Code Assessment Tool, Julie Sharp, Chief Auditor at the London Borough of Redbridge, said; “We found the toolkit to be very useful in assessing our existing fraud and corruption risk management arrangements and identifying areas for improvement which we will be addressing. It assists organisations to understand the requirements of the CIPFA code and its implementation.  In addition to that, the tool kit is easy to use and capable of generating high quality reports both in visual form and written which we found to be very useful for the purposes of reporting to various stakeholders within the Authority.”

Rachael Tiffen, Head of Counter Fraud Centre and Governance at CIPFA, added; “Evaluation of a local authority’s counter fraud and anti-corruption efficacy is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have.  Providing tools that enable local authorities to do this effectively empowers internal auditors to report accurately, and importantly to identify what actions need to be taken to improve.”

The assessment tool is free to Better Governance Forum and CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre subscribers.  It is available to purchase via the CIPFA website.

For further information and advice please visit the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre’s web area.


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Notes to editors

The Counter Fraud Code Assessment Tool has been developed and aligned to the CIPFA Code of Practice on Managing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption.  The counter fraud code is recommended by, the Department of Communities and Local Government in the Transparency Code.  Furthermore, assessment against the code was also advised by, the Audit Commission in the last Protecting the Public Purse report.  Importantly for local authorities the new Assessment Tool supports self-assessment and improvement, provides for benchmarking and peer-to-peer learning, and enables reporting for assessment.

About CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre

CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre offers experience, insight, advice and practical services to help tackle fraud and corruption across the public services.  Established in July 2014, it is the UK’s centre of excellence for counter fraud and aims to help public service organisations save money by increasing their ability to prevent, detect and recover losses from fraud.

The Centre blends tools, training and practical advice with independent consultancy to ensure that the public sector is more than just ‘fraud savvy’. Educating public sector organisations and then equipping them to deal with fraud and corruption is a primary objective for the Centre.