CIPFA statement on council tax reform in Scotland


Don Peebles, Head of CIPFA Devolved Government, said:

“It is welcome news that the Scottish Government propose the creation of a fairer council tax scheme. The proposals to increase band multipliers takes a step towards a more progressive local tax system.

“The proposal to link income tax and the local tax system is a progressive and imaginative use of Scotland’s new tax powers.  CIPFA will continue to work closely with the Scottish government to champion the cause of fairer progressive taxation.

“When the council tax freeze comes to an end in 2017 there will be a 3% cap on council tax rises. But this restricts local decision making and we want to see greater flexibility for councils.

“The absence of a commitment to revaluation is no surprise since the Commission on Local Tax Reform recognised it was politically challenging. The last revaluation was in 1991, ducking the issue yet again is just storing up problems for the future.”


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