CIPFA statement on Lord Carter report


Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), said:

“The Carter report contains plenty of valuable suggestions, but shows just how tough things are for the NHS.

“To ensure all £5bn of savings are achievable, particularly given the number of savings streams, will depend on implementation time needed, local variations and the difficulty of resourcing change management itself. It is also important to remember that the £5bn will be only a contribution towards the £22bn total savings assumed by the Five Year Forward View.

“Beyond the technical or cost productivity savings highlighted in the report, better system productivity is key through integration and improving the public’s health to reduce future acute burdens on the NHS. Those aims are not helped by the delayed increase of funding for the Better Care Fund support and significant cuts to Public Health in the recent Comprehensive Spending Review.

“Whilst imploring better cost productivity through Carter the government risks pulling the rug from underneath system productivity by not being consistent.”   


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