Autumn Budget 2017: CIPFA urges the government to recognise financial management pressures in public services


CIPFA is urging the government to seriously consider strengthening the medium-term sustainability of public sector performance. The Autumn Budget is an opportunity to address the financial strains felt in many parts of the public sector. We see a material chance of spending more resources than needed down the line if key front line services further deteriorate.

As CIPFA and the Institute for Government explained in the second edition of the Performance Tracker report, which was released last month, some services, specifically prisons and hospitals, need immediate cash to avoid collapse.

For other services, notably schools and adult social care, there is now a real urgency to address the short-termism of resource planning and inconsistency in the development of policy.

Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive of CIPFA, said: “CIPFA continues to urge the government to understand the impact of previous spending decisions on public services in terms of efficiency, scope and quality.  

“There needs to be a better understanding of the performance of, and the pressure on, public services before making future policy and resourcing decisions. It is more important than ever that funds are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

The era of tight spending controls is far from over and will most likely last long into the next decade. Nevertheless, CIPFA is seeking action on a number of pressing issues – see attached CIPFA recommendations for Autumn Budget 2017.