CIPFA CEO Rob Whiteman on the Conservative Party’s 2017 manifesto


Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), commented on the Conservative manifesto: 

“The Conservative’s manifesto takes a significant step forward in putting public services on a more sustainable footing. CIPFA is delighted that there is a commitment to abandoning the triple lock on pensions, a policy which the UK can no longer afford.

“The focus on improving the financial position of health and social care, which will likely pre-empt the green paper to be released later this year, is particularly welcome. Many of the promises made to drive savings and improve outcomes reflect recommendations from the Care Act and Dilnot reviews, such as raising increasing the threshold to £100,000.

“While welcoming that some difficult solutions have been proposed, the context means that there would still be further to go during the lifetime of the next parliament, not least considering an insurance scheme for social care or revisiting taxation levels. While many commitments in the manifesto are financially viable, a Conservative government would need to ensure simple and cost effective systems of means testing fuel payments to maximise yield.

“Overall, the manifesto goes some way in tackling the financial issues that are hitting the headlines and so assists public sector managers who are tackling unprecedented pressures.”




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