CIPFA on the announcement of a snap General Election


Rob Whiteman, CIPFA Chief Executive, said: “Political stability is essential for the strength of the public finances on which the country’s security, education, health, and social wellbeing all depend.

“Once the die was cast for Brexit, negotiating against the next general election deadline of a May 2020 election arguably weakens a government’s hand to extend negotiations and transitional arrangements if needed.

“The Prime Minister’s objective of winning a new mandate and a new parliamentary term should certainly strengthen the UK’s negotiating position. But whatever the polls currently suggest, the result cannot be considered a foregone conclusion.

“Beyond Brexit, a general election does give us a chance to debate openly the affordability of long held policies, like the triple lock on pensions and differential rates of national insurance for the self-employed. And most importantly public service leaders will be hoping that in this campaign there will be no undeliverable promises made about the future funding of public services.”


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