CIPFA responds to election results


CIPFA congratulates the Labour Party and Sir Keir Starmer. The new government has both a strong majority and an imperative to seize this opportunity to reshape how national and local public services deliver for local communities.

Owen Mapley, Chief Executive of CIPFA said:

“The new government must seize this opportunity to transform the way the public sector works. A mission-driven government can redefine how public services are funded, empowered and supported.

"Greater stability and more predictable planning cycles will encourage innovation and longer term, more transparent decision making. This will strengthen the design and delivery of Britain’s public services and provide a foundation for sustainable economic growth. 

"We need greater collaboration between central government and all public service organisations. Working together with local people, voluntary organisations and other partners to deliver a tangible shift to prevention and early intervention. This will help prevent problems from arising and secure better outcomes for citizens and greater value for taxpayer’s money.

"We call for a principled and sustainable approach to devolution, with place-based decision-making at its core. This will bring both delivery and accountability for local services closer to communities. Such devolution and collaboration will also be crucial in pursuing ambitious targets for sustainable growth and Net Zero.

"We particularly welcome the new government’s commitment to attaining the highest standards in public life. As custodians of standards in public finance, CIPFA is well placed to help achieve this goal. We will work with the Government to reform governance and audit, champion professionalism and renew people’s trust and confidence in public service.

"CIPFA see the government’s first Spending Review as an important opportunity to start enabling these changes. The Spending Review must herald the end of short-termism and ad hoc instability. We encourage the government to embrace new and more sustainable approaches to planning and resourcing public services which have been severely depleted. It is an opportunity to give hope to those facing demands that far outstrip their constrained resources leading to growing waiting lists, public dissatisfaction and growing budget deficits. New approaches to capital funding can support the renewal of dilapidated public service infrastructure and allow investment in the latest technologies to improve service performance. 

"We hope and expect the new government to improve outcomes for service users, support our great public servants, and secure value for money for taxpayers. As the experts in public financial management, CIPFA and its members are ready to provide advice, support and partnership to pursue these important ambitions.”

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