Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Networks bulletins

Please see below for the latest e-alerts from CIPFA’s pan-public sector networks, which may be helpful in your response to COVID-19.

Finance Advisory Network (FAN)

2019/20 AGS, IFRS 16 deferral and year-end bulletin e-alert (08/04/2020)

Latest update on 2019/20 Accounts Closedown Requirements (07/04/2020)

COVID-19 year-end bulletin and important updates (23/04/2020)

Closure of the 2019/20 financial statements (30/04/2020)

Scottish FAN newsletter (28/04/2020)

LAA conference update and survey feedback (07/05/2020)

Benefits and Revenues Service

Service e-alert (09/04/2020)

Newsletter (14/05/2020)

Service e-alert GP Surgeries (15/05/2020)

Better Governance Forum

Governance and Coronavirus e-alert (07/04/2020)

Governance news (06/04/2020)

Governance news (16/04/2020)

Governance news (24/04/2020)

Governance news (01/05/2020)

Governance news (11/05/2020)

Governance news (19/05/2020)

Pensions Network

Network newsletter (08/04/2020)

Network newsletter and economic update (08/04/2020)

Police and Fire Network

New Coronavirus regulations (27/03/2020)

Network update (14/04/2020)

Regulations on the postponement of PCC elections and AGS advice (09/04/2020)

Update on accounting requirements and reporting deadlines for 2019/20 (07/04/2020)

End of year bulletin (01/05/2020)

Network update (11/05/2020)

Insurance Network

Network e-alert (08/04/2020)

Procurement and Commissioning Network

Network e-alert (07/04/2020)

Treasury Management Network

Network newsletter (30/04/2020)