Your April volunteers update



It has been a busy few weeks for CIPFA, what with our response to the 2015 Budget, our Memorandum of Understanding signing with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the release of our council tax survey (to name a few). I’d now like to run you through a few CIPFA developments that are of interest to you. 

New collaboration between CIPFA and ICAS

First I have some exciting news to share with you. We will be working with ICAS (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland) to deliver a ground-breaking new joint accountancy qualification, designed to meet the evolving needs of both public and corporate sector audit. This integrated qualification will be the new gold standard for practitioners to be able to audit all entities across all sectors with equal expertise.

We are greatly looking forward to working with ICAS and combining our respective experience and standing to offer significant benefits to all audit professionals, both prospective students and existing practitioners alike.

This new qualification reflects the changing audit environment, with an increasingly mixed economy and ever greater opportunity and career paths opening between the public and corporate spheres, also many public bodies are creating company entities or using the market to deliver services.

The integrated qualification will lead to: 

  • both public and company audit registration 
  • the right to use both the CA and CPFA designations
  • membership of both ICAS and CIPFA

Training in the qualification will start in Autumn 2015 and will be delivered in classroom and via blended online learning across three years. The training will be available at more than 20 ICAS and CIPFA study centres across the UK, offering students and employers unrivalled flexibility and convenience.

Watch a short YouTube video of Anton (CEO of ICAS) and I discussing the launch

Find out more information on the new integrated qualification in audit or contact us on 

CIPFA Annual Conference 2015

Our Annual Conference 2015 will again be taking place at the Novotel Hotel, Hammersmith, London, on 7-9 July.

Under the banner ‘aligning public services’, the conference will argue that public bodies must work together to forge a sustainable legacy, with a shared vision and shared aspirations for local communities.

The panel of expert speakers includes Julie Unwin, Chief Executive of Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England and Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council. The ministerial keynote speaker will be confirmed after the General Election.

Our programme highlights include:

  • Growth and grind: what lies ahead for the economy and how will affect public services?
  • Patchwork Politics: what will the new fragmented political landscape mean?
  • Public service hot potatoes: how to improve outcomes in health and wellbeing, and reduce pressure on hospital services hard-pressed by an increasingly elderly population.
  • Disunited Kingdom:  aligning the internal state, looking at the relationship between the centre and local communities in developing a fair system of government for Britain.

Interested? Then book now or for more information please contact us via email at:

CIPFA Manifesto 2015

With the General Election fast approaching, it is essential the CIPFA 2015 Manifesto continues to be pushed out to key stakeholders and those with an interest and influence in public services. We are challenging all political parties to work to radically reshape public financial management in the UK, to avoid significant economic pitfalls in the future and to help restore public trust in government.

If we are to see a long-term sustainable financial future for the UK we need to radically reshape the way we run our public services and reshape the management of the public finances, and our manifesto lays out the blueprint for this to happen. 

We would like our manifesto to reach as far and wide as possible during this decisive period of the electoral campaign, so take a look on our website or contact our press office for a hard copy - and help us spread the word. 

Direct route to CIPFA membership 

We are now offering a direct route to CIPFA membership for experienced public sector finance professionals.

As part of our goal to become the leading global public sector accounting body, we would like you to help us increase our network of experts by recommending/encouraging leading finance professional’s to apply for membership.  

In order to apply for direct membership, applicants must have experience working in the public sector and be qualified members within good standing of another professional accountancy body. 

For any further information or if there is anyone you would like to put forward, please email or visit our website.

CIPFA Ambassadors 

We are always looking for new ways our volunteers can spread the word about CIPFA to help us increase our network and influence. You will have noticed CIPFA is now projecting a stronger policy voice, whilst at the same time growing our student and member numbers and refreshing our product and service portfolio.

It is normally Directors of Finance, Heads of Finance or even Finance Training Managers who are key decision makers when it comes to training staff to become professional accountants and while we regularly communicate to these decision makers and do our best to reach them all, it is often word of mouth or a face-to-face recommendation which can influence a decision.

As a member and volunteer you are in a unique position to talk about your first-hand experience in studying and working within the sector and advocate the benefits of joining CIPFA.  

Grow CIPFA within health

Given that CIPFA is now the preferred choice of accountancy qualification for NHS England, NHS Scotland and the HFMA, we are looking for our members to arrange face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers to understand their training needs and preferences, while also promoting the uptake of our professional qualification and/or direct routes to CIPFA membership.

Engage with Universities and Colleges

CIPFA are continuously engaging with Universities and Colleges in promoting the institute and offering potential students an insight into studying at CIPFA. An effective way of portraying this message is through members and students sharing their experiences of studying CIPFA, working in the public/private sector and offering advice on recruitment for graduate schemes. 

Become an ambassador

If you would like to support CIPFA as an ambassador by sharing your knowledge and expertise then please contact the Business Development team via or 0207 543 5757.

CIPFA Council update

On 16 April, CIPFA Council met for the first time in Mansell Street. Council approved the draft Report and Accounts for 2014, and subject to final sign off by our external auditors these will be distributed to members in early June, together with the materials for the 2015 AGM.

Council also approved a range of Motions to be taken at this year’s AGM, which include the proposed introduction of a Fellow class of membership, and the implementation of a number of changes to CIPFA’s governance structure. Members have already been consulted about these changes, which notably include the introduction of election to Council by geographical region. There was a very positive response to the consultation, and the AGM represents your opportunity to vote formally to put the changes into practice. 

Final words

As always, thank you all for your dedicated and continued support to the Institute. I value any feedback you may have on CIPFA’s progression, so do drop me a line, as I say - my door is always open.  

Wishing you all the best for the coming month. 


Rob Whiteman

Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive, CIPFA