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Data Analytics

This is your gateway to an extensive suite of data analytics, comparative data and benchmarking products and services. They are all designed to help you and your organisation succeed. All local authority transformation projects are made easier with CIPFA data analytics solutions.

Data analytics

CIPFA data analytics solutions look at the key functions affecting efficiency in your organisation such as finance, performance, governance, revenues and benefits, HR, legal and democratic functions and so much more.

CIPFA is the market leader in local government comparative data with years of experience. Our team offers you unrivalled expertise and operates to the highest standards.

Many of our solutions offer insights and foresight without the need to provide any data returns. They consider past and present measures and offer foresight to plot your likely future performance across strategic and operational service areas. 

Contact our expert data analysts today to find out more about our powerful solutions that will help you shape your medium-term financial planning, improve services and evaluate your compliance and resilience.

Customer case study – Informed decisions 

CIPFA data analytics and consulting helped Leeds City Council refine its funding strategy.

"We used CIPFA’s comparative data sets to evaluate cost against performance to ultimately determine robust budgets, a process that had previously been successfully implemented within the authority’s Adult Social Care function. 

The use of metrics and indicators also played a key role in the delivery of a fully balanced budget position for Leeds City Council’s social care division."

Richard Ellis, Head of Finance, Leeds City Council

Leeds city council logo

Download Leeds City Council PDF case study or view case study page

Customer case study – Bespoke benchmarking

The National Police Estates Group (NPEG) is a voluntary body set up for UK police forces to support the best operational policing estate by sharing best practice and delivering connected solutions to its members. Two years ago CIPFA won an NPEG contract to provide and manage a bespoke benchmarking exercise for individual police forces, which allowed participants to review their own performance against other forces and to consider opportunities for efficiencies.

The benefits of bespoke benchmarking

James Payne is Chair of NPEG and Chief Executive Officer at Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. James spoke at the Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing CFO Retreat earlier this year, commenting on how forces throughout the UK saved £20m assisted by information from the NPEG benchmarking exercise, provided by CIPFA. 

Sallie Blanks the NPEG Co-ordinator explains the structure of NPEG and references the £20m savings assisted by the benchmarking exercise.

"The figure of £20m demonstrates savings from a range of estates related initiatives across the national police estate, some of which are signposted by the CIPFA benchmarking."

Sallie Blanks, Co-ordinator, NPEG

National Police Estates Group logo

Download National Police Estates Group PDF case study

Comparative data sets

We provide the essential data to help you make important business decisions. Our comparative data sets are grouped as follows:

  • Comparative Profiles – compare an authority to a selected group across indicators, collected from key public sector data sources.
  • Corporate Services Benchmarking – supports your organisation by improving key back office functions to maximise efficiency and deliver more services with a reduced budget. By measuring the cost and performance of service delivery, this will enable you to streamline services. Interactive tools video.
  • CIPFAstats – 24 annual surveys of local authority operations, capturing information on all of the main activities - education, social care, waste management etc. CIPFA Housing 360 is the latest new housing performance indicator solution created for the social housing sector. CIPFAstats subscription renewal details can be found here.
  • CFO Insights – is powered by CIPFA and delivered in partnership with Grant Thornton. It is an online analysis tool that gives instant access to insight around the financial performance, socio-economic context and service outcomes for every council in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Nearest Neighbours Model – is CIPFA's statistical approach to better understanding the similarities and differences between neighbouring authorities in England. The model utilises a database of 41 different indicators to analyse the relationships between English authorities, helping you to assess who you should be benchmarking yourselves against.
  • Planning Benchmarking Service  – this new benchmarking exercise has been created to address radical planning system changes across England and the devolved governments of the regions.
  • Social Care Benchmarking – are streams that support the service that your organisation provides. This includes comparative data for all aspects of adult and children’s social care to help authorities share data in a supportive environment. Interactive tools video.
  • VfM Indicators – will assess your organisation’s performance and pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses. HM Treasury specifically recommends collecting and reporting on back-office performance for organisations with more than 250 employees. 
  • VfM Toolkit – an easy to use, visual tool, the VfM Toolkit allows you to track the costs and performance of your services and compare them to your peers. Watch this video to see the VfM Toolkit in action. 
  • Financial Foresight – CIPFA and Grant Thornton have collaborated to create our 'new to market' financial forecasting solution that will help local government decision makers plan for the future.

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How we can help you

Our data analytic comparative data set exercises are designed to help you:

  • Address the impact of government policy issues
  • Inform the shaping of medium-term financial planning
  • Understand what can be learned from other organisations
  • Improve decision making underpinned by sound trend assumptions

All of the above are applicable no matter how your services are delivered, whether in-house, via shared services or contracted out.


  • Almost 100 data sets available, providing you with a one-stop shop for comparative performance data.
  • All areas of local authority activity covered which means that we have something for everyone.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and learn from your peers to reduce your project implementation costs and timescales.
  • CIPFA's over 100 years’ experience means that we understand your issues and challenges.
  • We can provide additional advisory and consultative services to add value and perspective to your transformation projects.

Next steps

To discuss which data analytics products best suit your needs, contact us on:

E: or T: 020 7543 5600.

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