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CIPFA Counter Fraud Hub - about the hub

About us

The CIPFA Counter Fraud Hub is a counter fraud service, which has been developed to supply data analytics, investigations and recoveries service for local authorities.

Unlike traditional data matching hubs, this is an end-to-end service providing expert advice and operational support around sophisticated analytics.

Staffed by qualified counter fraud specialists, the overarching objective for the service is to increase fraud and corruption detection, and improve fraud prevention, share common risks across London, minimise losses and maximise recovery, so that fraud and corruption does not pay.

How the Hub works

A variety of data sources (including data from third parties) are entered into the analytics part of the Hub through a secure transfer.

Using pioneering technology, the Hub will analyse the data to identify instances of fraud.

The CIPFA Counter Fraud Hub offers investigative capabilities, counter fraud tools, support and services to recover monies lost to fraud and corruption.