Benchmarking Police Finance Performance - Finance Excellence in Policing


By Amie Hall, CIPFA National Police Programme Manager

Benchmarking police finance performance

The data theme of the Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing programme is a valuable resource for forces UK-wide.

In the second of a series of three posts outlining this new programme for UK police forces, we look in more detail at what its data theme offers.

Comparative data has long been used by public sector organisations and local authorities to benchmark their financial performance. As part of Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing, CIPFA – the market leader in public services data analysis – has teamed up with forces to design a data service specifically for benchmarking policing activities.

Available throughout the two-year Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing programme, this resource is aimed at helping forces to understand their spending and performance relative to others and to make better-informed decisions. Although coverage and content will be set within the overall programme governance structure to reflect core priorities, the following topics are among those expected to be covered across the two-year licence:

Local Policing | Road Policing | National Policing | Criminal Justice Arrangements | Operational Support | Public Protection | Central Costs | Support Functions.

To make the data as insightful as possible, CIPFA aggregates and analyses the data, and then creates interactive reports using state-of-the-art visualisations.

To learn more about the programme and to find out how to get involved, please visit this link.

In our next post

We'll look at the Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing and CFO support and leadership academies. Here, we will look at the ways the programme supports and develops the individuals involved in managing police finance. 

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