Health and Social Care Conference: 13 October 2016


The 2016 Health and Social Care Conference will take place in London on 13 October. The agenda will be wide-ranging.

Speakers already agreed are: 

  • Richard Humphreys (King’s Fund) on the future of social care and the consequences for health
  • Elisabetta Zanon (Director, NHS European Office) on the effects of Brexit
  • Matthew Cripps (National Director of NHS RightCare) on integration, efficiency and maximum value
  • John Matheson and Mark Ash on lessons from Scotland and Wales
  • Andrew van Doorn (Deputy Chief Executive, Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust) on housing and health

We are also likely to cover sustainability and transformation plans, the Better Care Fund and the changing position of attendance allowance. Look out for further details in our our next newsletter and register your interest.