training for health and social care integration


One of the main messages to emerge from CIPFA’s 2014-2015 programme of roundtable discussions on integration was that the differences between the financial frameworks of health and social care can act as an obstacle to whole systems progress. That suggested that it would be helpful if CIPFA provided resources designed to improve mutual knowledge and understanding, so that everyone in the system is better informed to facilitate collaborative working. To that end:

  • CIPFA collaborated with the HFMA to publish the glossary of terms for NHS and local authority finance (PDF, 442KB)
  • CIPFA is planning to deliver a one day training course designed to inform health finance staff about the key points of the local government finance and local government staff about the key points of health finance. The day will concentrate on the practical operation of those features which vary between sectors and which have a potentially material impact on working together. Budget monitoring, for example, varies little in substance, whereas revenue funding streams (such as operation of the tariff and how business rates are changing), charging for services and year end flexibilities are significantly different between sectors.

We held a pilot training day in Greater Manchester in December 2015, with an excellent attendance of 30 across the whole range of health and local government. GM has a longer history of joint working than do most areas, but even so everyone felt that there was worthwhile learning to be had - and then picked up in to thoughts about how integration could be improved in practice. 

Participants sat in locality groups, so replicating everyday joint working, and fed back the value of that arrangement. The training is currently being adjusted for comments made and will then be rolled out next year. We will make training available by various means but already it seems that the greatest benefit will be gained if finance staff from a whole local system learn together. The emphasis will be on offering the course in that style with exercises to test out how those works operate in practice. 

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