Strengthening Leadership in Police Finance - Finance Excellence in Policing


By Amie Hall, CIPFA National Police Programme Manager

Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing includes support and development for current and future finance leaders 

In the final post looking at this new programme for the police sector in England and Wales, we explore the targeted people development options that are included throughout 2019 and 2020.

Leadership Academies

Designed to support the post-qualification career journey, these programmes are designed to equip current and future leaders with the decision-making and influencing skills that accompany complex and demanding roles.

• The Future Leaders Academy supports people moving into more senior positions and covers essentials such as governance and risk, business case development and finance business partnering. 

• For serving CFOs, the CFO Leadership Academy is a CIPFA flagship programme that has been running for over ten years and focuses on improving CFOs’ individual personal influencing skills.

CFO Peer Support

Working with police CFO peer colleagues is a proven way to transfer the skills and tacit knowledge gained in the role. In Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing, we use annual offsite “CFO Retreat” sessions to enable CFOs to focus on specific problems that don’t have easy answers, for example gaining the trust of an established ‘top table’ or raising the profile of financial management with operationally-focused colleagues.

The offsite sessions are supported by online forums that help CFOs to share information, discuss best practice and maintain their valuable peer network throughout the year.

To learn more

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To find out how to get involved, please note the following contact information:

T: +44 (0)7824 839567 

Download programme brochure PDF.