Supporting Financial Management in Police Sector - Finance Excellence in Policing


By Amie Hall, CIPFA National Police Programme Manager

How the 2019 Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing programme helps the police sector work towards best practice

In the first of a series of three posts outlining this new programme for UK police forces, we look in more detail at what the financial management theme offers.

With a programme of face-to-face events, information resources and diagnostics, this aspect of Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing is designed to help forces to achieve best practice in financial management. Three streams offer a powerful blend of networking, intelligence and analysis.

Police and Fire Network

Comprising events, briefings and an advice line, this network keeps members at the forefront of police legislation, policy and future financial developments. It is managed by CIPFA experts working with colleagues across all relevant bodies:

Home Office | NPCC Finance and Resources Committee | HMICFRS | NAO

Police and Crime Commissioners’ Treasurers’ Society | Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

Resource Hub

This online resource doubles as a discussion forum and a repository for best practice documentation and thought leadership. Designed to help members achieve best practice and transfer learning, it is supported by CIPFA experts who are on hand to help forces improve the quality and analysis of their data.

Financial Management Capability Review (FMCR)

Throughout the two-year programme, FMCR will provide force-by-force diagnostics that support members in developing their own roadmap for police finance, and also identify themes at a national level. Diagnostics at the end of the programme will give members an evidence-based assessment of progress.

In our next post 

We’ll look at the Achieving Finance Excellence in Policing’s data and benchmarking theme. In the meantime, to learn more about the programme, please visit this link. To find out how to get involved, please note the following contact information:

T: +44 (0)7824 839567 

Download programme brochure PDF.