Supporting the public service mutuals sector


By Daniel Wake, CIPFA Senior Researcher

Public service mutuals are organisations that have 'spun out' of the public sector, continue to deliver public services and in which employee control plays a significant role in its operation, (for example, employees share ownership or have representation on a Board). In July 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May outlined her support for these organisations, stating: “As the government reforms public services, we should encourage public sector workers to set up mutuals.”

Government Inclusive Economy Unit

The Government Inclusive Economy Unit (GIEU), launched in October, is leading across government on the development of a strategy to encourage and support the growth of public service mutuals.

To inform the design of this strategy, it has commissioned CIPFA to collect a wide evidence base of the benefits, impact and challenges associated with spinning out as a public service mutual, through an online survey, telephone interviews and case studies.

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