CIPFA Financial Management FM Model attuned to help transform organisations


CIPFA’s financial management (FM) self-improvement model for assessing how financially fit an organisation is has had a complete refresh. A new and improved version the FM model, has been updated to make it more user friendly. 

The new online version helps with:

  • sound decision-making and driving accountability
  • improved understanding of finances and enables businesses of all kinds to manage their risks
  • assessing overall financial management capability
  • identifying cost cutting opportunities and efficiency gains, by accurately pinpointing development areas and acknowledging strengths.

In the current environment of reducing costs, but increasing pressure to deliver services, effective financial management has never been more important than now for central government and more widely the public sector. The FM model can help drive effective performance in financial management throughout the organisation.

So what has changed?

The framework better reflects today’s public sector. The model recognises the latest developments such as business partnering, an increasing commercial focus, governance and procurement and the role of the CFO. These have been incorporated in the benchmarking and best practice. 

The functionality of the online diagnostic and user experience has also been improved. It is now slimmed down, paperless, faster to complete, more intuitive and is a seamless self-assessment experience.

To find out more and to start the journey to becoming financially fit contact our FM Model Team T: +44 (0) 207 543 5600 or email us E: