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Susan Robinson

Forename: Susan

Surname: Robinson

Job title: Property Networks Manager

Expertise: Asset management, Property

Email: susan.robinson@cipfa.org


Susan Robinson is an RICS qualified surveyor and the Property Networks Manager within the CIPFA group. Susan delivers the CIPFA’s Strategic Assets Network and Property Training Network across the UK and Highway Asset Management Network, as well as advising on asset managements and asset valuation issues throughout the UK and undertaking a range of related consultancy projects.


Since joining CIPFA, Susan has used her previous 20-year practical experience working in local government and skills to support local authorities across the UK in the strategic management of their property portfolios.

Susan is a long standing member of the RICS Public Sector Valuation Group and has contributed actively to revisions to and development of RICS Professional Standards (the ‘Red Book’). She is recognised as one of the UK’s leading experts on local authority asset valuations having acted as joint author on relevant CIPFA publications and also jointly devised and delivered the CIPFA Certificate in Local Authority Asset Valuation.

Susan was the author of the publication Compliance Monitoring in Council Buildings (the ‘Blue Book’) which is used widely throughout the UK.