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Caroline White

Forename: Caroline

Surname: White

Job title: Finance Advisor, Finance Advisory Network

Expertise: Local government, Accounting, Financial reporting, Transformation

Email: caroline.white@cipfa.org



Caroline has been a Finance Advisory Network advisor at CIPFA since early 2013. Prior to joining CIPFA, Caroline had 15 years practitioner experience at East Riding of Yorkshire Council during which she led the introduction of IFRS and the annual production of the statement of accounts for six years. As FAN Advisor she supports practitioners in all aspects of local government accounting and particularly in the technical area of collection fund accounting. E: caroline.newman@cipfa.org, T: 01964 533097.


Prior to joining CIPFA she had 15 years' local government experience at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, where she qualified with CIPFA in 2002 and was the Finance Manager responsible for financial reporting and led the application of International Financial Reporting Standards at the authority. Caroline gained an MBA (Exec) in 2009 and is also a collaboration transformation architect.