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Joanne Pitt

Forename: Joanne

Surname: Pitt

Job title: Counter Fraud Centre Manager

Expertise: Business rates, Housing, Local government, Counter fraud

Email: joanne.pitt@cipfa.org



Joanne Pitt is an experienced local government adviser and has 25 years of public sector experience. Joanne worked in key areas including business rates, welfare reform, council tax and housing before moving to the CIPFA Counter Fraud centre in January 2017.
E: joanne.pitt@cipfa.org, T: 0207 543 5786.


Joanne has authored a number of publications including Balancing Local Authority Budgets Jan 2016 and Investing in Social Housing July 2016. These publication have helped CIPFA influence the public sector agenda, a role that Joanne sees as vital in times of economic and political pressure.