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CIPFA's blogs and opinion pieces appear in a variety of news outlets. Take a look at some of our most recent columns.

Milton Keynes' 50th birthday celebrations

Milton Keynes turned 50 this year at a moment of cultural transition and Carole Mills explores its spirit of innovation.

16th February 2017 by Carole Mills

Unleash the power of the balance sheet and change your default

Sean Pearce, Chief Financial Officer, discusses the challenges of releasing the power of the balance sheet. 

16th February 2017 Sean Pearce

Improving the attraction of public finance

Donna Herdsman, an award winning Business Transformation Executive, shares her thoughts about how we can sell the benefits of a future in public funance to a diverse group of future successors.

16th February 2017 by Donna Herdsman

Why oh why oh why? The highs and lows of fraud investigation

George Clark discusses the mystery of what motivates people to commit fraud. 

17 August 2016 by George Clark

Learning to triumph over adversity: the Wolverhampton experience 

Mark Taylor, Director of Finance at City of Wolverhampton Council, considers how a challenging financial position can be turned around into one of strength. 

8 August 2016 by Mark Taylor 

The changing nature of the S151 role

While the overall goals of the CFO remain the same, the means of achieving them must adapt to an environment with limited resources, argues Leigh Whitehouse, Finance Director, Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.

29 March 2016 by Leigh Whitehouse 

Local government as a platform – the power to transform 

Local governments provide the perfect platform to innovate and transform public sector services, argues Leigh Whitehouse, CIPFA Council Member.

22 February 2016 by Leigh Whitehouse

Pedestals, perfection and the modern public servant performance expectations in a hypocritical world

Pam Dyson of CIPFA's Sustainability Working Group examines what it takes to be a public servant in a working environment with overwhelmingly high expectations.

18 February 2016 by Pam Dyson

Value at the heart of new NHS conversations

Value based approaches to NHS finances are changing the conversations NHS financial planners are having for the better, argues Mark Redhead, Head of Planning for Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

18 February 2016 by Mark Redhead

Tough at the top

Rob Whiteman considers local authority spending freezes. He argues that, although a last resort, freezes can provide an effective mechanism for keeping a grip on short-term finances and should not be seen as failure.  

Municipal Journal

13 January 2016 by Rob Whiteman

There's gold in that there data

Andrew Burns, Chair of CIPFA's Aligning Public Services Group, argues that data is vital for the public sector to improve its services.

Public Finance

6 January 2016 by Andrew Burns