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CIPFA's blogs and opinion pieces in 2014

A job half done and a truth half told

If you were to plot a line for spending by government departments in real terms, from 2009/10 over the period of this Parliament through to the end of the period covered by the Autumn Statement in 2019/20, you would see a significant, but measured, decline.

The MJ
08 December 2014 by Rob Whiteman

Uncomfortable truths

What does CIPFA want from the political parties come May 2015? Some honesty about the fiscal position, for starters – and realism about the hard choices to be made.

Public Finance
06 November 2014 by Rob Whiteman

The Barnett formula is no longer workable

Despite the recent vow made by politicians in Westminster, it remains an uncomfortable political fact that the Barnett formula is outdated and needs significant reform.

14 October 2014 by Rob Whiteman

Northern Ireland: into the red?

The Northern Ireland Executive has agreed a loan from the Treasury to prevent them going into the red. But lack of agreement on welfare reform and financial penalties means the Executive is likely to face tough financial choices ahead In July this year, the Northern Ireland’s minister for finance and personnel (Simon Hamilton MLA) announced £77.9 million in budget cuts This equated to an immediate reduction of 2.1% in the revenue of each department, with the exception of health and education.

Public Finance
10 October 2014 by Eleanor Roy

We’re avoiding the tough choices

Failure to plan for the long-term harms national interests. But a looming election encourages politicians to defer hard decisions on tax, pensions and health I recently heard about a senior journalist who, stepping into a new role analysing Westminster politics, said they had no time for the usual political gossip. While many colleagues might still be obsessed with the comings and goings of politics, there was just too much real news to bother with the usual game of who is in or out of favour.

Public Finance
25 September 2014 by Rob Whiteman

Change is the only certainty

Whatever the referendum vote on independence, Scotland will be given more devolved powers. Either way, it needs a different system to manage its finances.

Public Finance
01 September 2014 by Don Peebles

Time to show financial resilience

Figures show councils’ spending in England has fallen by just under 30% over this Parliament.

The data, compiled by DCLG and CIPFA shows that per capita spending will have fallen by 29.1% for 2014-15 compared to the last financial year of the last Parliament (2009-10). These figures are adjusted for inflation to reflect real-terms expenditure, but even in real cash terms we have seen the steep fall of 14.5% where spending levels have reduced to the same level as 2005-06.

The MJ
07 August 2014 by Rob Whiteman