Our work on professionalisation of public financial management (PFM) represents the most focussed set of resources for professionalising public financial management in a country.

We have made available a wide range of resources that CIPFA and others have developed which can reduce the learning curve and shorten the timescale in achieving professionalisation.

The webpages in this section contain useful guidance for all parties involved in professionalisation. If you can’t find the guidance you need here then please contact us at

Improving PFM through professionalisation

Reforming and improving PFM is a high priority policy for many governments around the world. Making the necessary improvements requires a number of elements including:

  • Creating new legislation
  • Developing more effective standards and working practices
  • Producing manuals and handbooks
  • Displaying leadership
  • Supporting and encouraging colleagues
  • Sustaining motivation in the face of rapidly changing circumstances.

But if these improvements are to be sustained in the longer term then it is essential to ensure the professionalisation of PFM in the country. Without this there is a very real danger that reform will not be long lasting, and that investment will be wasted.