Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Building Governance and Trust

Governance provides the control framework in which public sector organisations operate, setting boundaries and probing and testing decisions and processes. As governments and public sector bodies worldwide tackle, and ultimately seek to recover from, the financial impact of COVID-19, internal and external governance controls themselves will be subject to fresh tests and challenges.

As well as delivering services within tighter financial constraints, governments and public sector organisations are likely to face renewed and increasing demands for transparency and accountability from citizens and communities.

Demonstrating that decisions are taken in the public interest is vital to securing and building public trust. Internal controls, assurance arrangements and proper scrutiny are essential to ensuring that the decisions taken are the right ones – or to help guide corrective actions if they are not.

How CIPFA can help

CIPFA’ aims to be a leading voice in the global debate on good public financial management and governance. We understand the contexts in which public finance professionals operate are ever-changing and these pressures can test both the ethics of individuals and the governance controls within institutions. Against this backdrop, CIPFA helps both our members and the organisations for which they work respond to change by having the skills, systems and processes in place to develop robust internal audit and governance frameworks.

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