Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Developing leadership and skills

Across all sectors, economies and geographies, people are an organisation’s most important asset.

However, the challenges faced by public sector bodies are different and often more complex than for other types of organisations. Public finance professionals operate in highly political environments with competing stakeholder demands. And they must focus not just on financial outcomes but outcomes for the people and communities they serve.

Nor is the public finance profession immune from the disruption we see throughout the working world. Technological advances and innovations, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, are transforming processes and practice, while the impact of COVID-19 has turbocharged the debate about how we work, develop talent and share skills within and across teams and the wider profession.

More than ever, the public finance profession needs to adapt to ensure they deliver robust and professional financial management that creates the right outcomes for the citizens they serve.

How CIPFA can help

At CIPFA, we are committed to lifelong learning and to continuing professional development – not only for our members but also for the finance teams of the organisations we work with. Whether you are interested in our learning offerings for your own professional development or to enhance the skills of your team, we can help public finance leaders and practitioners sharpen, refresh and update their knowledge and skills – both technical and strategic.

For further information on how we can help visit our sections on:

Leadership Matters
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