Annual members' statement

Information about the Annual Members' Statement that CIPFA members must complete each year.

Each year CIPFA qualified members are required to submit a CPD declaration.

You can do this by logging into My CIPFA and completing your Annual Members' Statement.

Your Annual Members' Statement is accessible from November and must be completed no later than 31 March. Alternatively, if you have opted out of receiving membership communications electronically, your statement will be sent to you with your renewal notice. 

The statement is quick and easy to complete and in addition to your CPD declaration you will also be asked to confirm whether you are in practice or not. Clear guidance accompanies the statement but if you are unable to answer the statements concerning CPD or practice assurance, or are unsure of your position, you should contact the membership department.

You should be aware that failure to submit your statement on a timely basis, complete your CPD or be registered in the Practice Assurance Scheme if you are in practice may result in your referral to the Institute's disciplinary scheme.