Message from Rob Whiteman, CIPFA Chief Executive

Rob Whiteman has issued this statement in response to the British public's decision to leave the EU

In response to the referendum, 24 June 2016

Dear member,

As you are no doubt already aware the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Although an unprecedented and seismic decision, it is as important for finance professionals, as it is for the Government, to avoid knee-jerk reactions that may do more harm than good.

In the immediate aftermath of the referendum we expect high-levels of uncertainty as politicians seek to grapple with the reality they now face. However, it is in everyone’s interest that a clear and achievable transition is agreed promptly. It is expected that the transition will take place over a two-year period allowing at least some time to plan for the major changes that will follow.

As your professional Institute, CIPFA is committed to keeping you up to date with the situation as it unfolds and is available to advise on any concerns you might have.

Furthermore, CIPFA will work to make sure your views are reflected in the negotiations to separate the UK from the EU. While research we conducted before the referendum suggested that EU membership was overall beneficial to public services, a number of problems were raised that we now have the opportunity to tackle.

A priority will be to seek assurance that public bodies that receive European Structural and Investment funding in particular see this maintained. Further to this however, we will be working to simplify the funding regulations that members have consistently told us are unnecessarily onerous.

There are many issues that will need consideration but the uncertainty will pass and UK public services will continue to work closely with EU neighbours.

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Yours sincerely


Rob Whiteman
Chief Executive