guidance notes on self-directed support


The implementation of Self-directed Support (SDS) is a significant responsibility for Scottish local authorities. SDS inherently means that individuals have more involvement and choice in the delivery of their social care support.

Self-directed Support Part I: Resource Implications of SDS: Overview [PDF, 1.6MB]

This publication is the first part of three guidance documents commissioned by the Scottish Government to assist authorities in Scotland with the financial management implications arising from SDS implementation.

Part one provides an overview of Self-Directed Support including key areas such as:

  • The foundations of SDS including the legislative requirements
  • The values and principles of SDS
  • The four options for the receipt of support that an individual can exercise under SDS
  • The implications of SDS for collaboration with other partners, including the NHS, the integration of health and social care, the third sector and other stakeholders

These publications are available in downloadable format that can be shared across your organisation. Parts two and three can be downloaded from the links below.

Part II: Management Considerations [PDF, 1.6MB]

Part two identifies the financial management implications of Self-Directed Support that local authorities will need to address. Topics covered include the roles of the local authority and supported person, management responsibilities and possible risks from implementation.

Part III: Self-Evaluation Framework [Word, 3MB]

Part three provides a self-evaluation framework for authorities in Scotland to assess their processes for SDS financial management and identify any areas where further action is indicated. This is a downloadable Word file that can be completed in-house.

Self-directed Support Resource Implications Workshops – Materials [PDF, 1.58MB)]

Self-directed Support Resource Implications Workshops – Summary of Discussions [PDF, 168KB]

The Scottish Government sponsored a series of workshops to support the guidance. The workshops included discussion of aspects in the guidance and some of the resource related issues affecting continuing implementation and achievement of Self-directed Support outcomes.

The presentation materials are available as well as a summary of the discussions which provides an indication of some of the items raised by workshop participants.