Past London Division events

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In it for the Money: Making the Most of Commercialisation in the Public Sector

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Sponsor: Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Maximising the opportunities of commercialisation in the public sector

Libby Johnson, Director, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Making the money go further in central government

Dr Shaibal Roy, PA Consulting

Shared services and broadening commercialism in local government

Alison Griffin, Director of Finance, London Borough of Bexley

Evolution, Revolution - Devolution!

Friday 17 June 2016

Sponsor: Investec

The UK's Economic backdrop to Devolution

Chris Hare, Senior Economist, Investec

'Devo Manc' - reflections on the Manchester devolution deal

Jonanthan House, Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Building the Bid - the London approach

Guy Ware, London Council

Case Study: the Hackney Pilot

Tim Shields, Chief Executive, London Borough of Hackney

Good News, Bad News – the Comprehensive Spending Round-up

Friday 11 March 2016

Sponsor: KPMG

Funding settlement - Social Care Issues
Andrew Webster, Director of Public Services and Health, KPMG

Comprehensive Spending Review round up - the CIPFA view
Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive, CIPFA

NHS England - Impact of the CSR and Planning 2015-2021
Stuart Saw, Director of Financial Strategy, NHS England

Comprehensive Spending Review 2015: A London Borough Perspective
Leigh Whitehouse, Director of Finance & Joint Interim Chief Executive, Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames

Our House, in the Middle of Our City – the Madness of Housing!

9 October 2015

Sponsor: BDO

    1. Setting the scene for London
Phil Cliftlands, Partner, BDO

    2. A national perspective
        Jayesh Mistry, Assistant Director, PwC

    3.The London Borough’s view
        James Rolfe, Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Service, London Borough of Enfield, member of the Advisory Panel for Social Housing

     4. Housing Association issues
        Ken Youngman, Finance Director, Family Mosaic and chair of the G15 Finance Directors’ Group

Download The Madness of Housing presentation.

The Regeneration Game

17 June 2015

Sponsor: PA Consulting

  1. Economic Development of Things
    Khalil Souki, PA Consulting
  2. London Infrastructure 2050
    Jeremy Skinner, Head of Strategic Projects & Policy Evaluation, Greater London Authority
  3. Case Study: Tech City and beyond, Hackney’s experiences of Regeneration
    Ian Williams, Corporate Director of Finance and Resources, London Borough of Hackney

Download The Regeneration Game presentation.

Social Care - the Elephant in the Budget

10 March 2015

Sponsor: PWC

  1. What’s local government’s response to the changing agenda?
    Chris Neill, Health and social care, PWC
  2. Financial Overview
    Pete Turner, Director of Finance, London Borough of Bromley and Health and Social Care Lead for the Society of London Treasurers
  3. Compare, contrast and consider: why financial resilience is so important
    Chris Moule, Grant Thornton
  4. A Practitioner Perspective
    Ray James, Deputy President, Association of Directors of Adult Social Care (ADASS) and Director of HHASC, London Borough of Enfield

The Changing Shape of London – Where Next for Public Services?

24 October 2014

Sponsor: Mazars

  1. What are the Issues?
    Gareth Davies, Partner, Mazars
  2. Combining Fiscal Realism with a Plan for Deep Reform
    Dr Rick Muir, Associate Director for Public Service Reform IPPR
  3. Adapting to the Realities – delivering the services that London can afford
    Jon Rowney, Head of Fair Funding, Performance and Procurement, London Councils

Download The Changing Shape of London – where next for Public Services?’ presentation. 

Share and Share Alike – Shared Services in London

3 June 2014

Sponsor: Grant Thornton

  1. The 50:50 gamble: winning with elite shared services (PDF, 418 KB) 
    Carol Haag, PA Consulting
  2. Better Care Funding (PDF, 289 KB)
    Ginette Beal, Grant Thornton
  3. Tri-Borough project (PDF, 1.73 MB)
    Jane West, Executive Director of Finance and Corporate Governance, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
  4. One Oracle (PDF, 493 KB)
    Richard Simpson, Director of Finance & Assets, London Borough of Croydon

Further into the Abyss or the Road to Recovery?

28 February 2013

Sponsor: Grant Thornton


London 2012 - Who Really Won?

9 October 2012

Sponsor: Pricewaterhouse Coopers

  1. Dave Baldock, Strategic Finance and Commercial Development, LB Newham
  2. Julie Clark, Head of Sport and Leisure, and Mark Ambler, Director Economics, PwC
  3. Richard Brown, London Legacy Corporation

Rebuilding Morale – the Big Leap after the Cuts

29 February 2012

Sponsor: Amber Infrastructure and LEEF

  1. Rebuilding Morale: The Big Leap After The Cuts
    Gareth Daniels, Chief Executive, London Borough of Brent
  2. Stress and Change
    Ann McFadyen, McFadyen Consulting
  3. The Benefit of Energy Efficiency Retrofit to the Public Sector
    Jenny Curtis, Operations Director, Amber Infrastructure
  4. Raising Morale after the Cuts
    Duncan Whitfield, Director of Finance, London Borough of Southwark

Download the 'Rebuilding Morale – The Big Leap after the Cuts' presentation

Delivering the Deficit Reduction: Rising Phoenix or a Dead Parrot?

Sponsor: London Fire Brigade

11 October 2011

This event looked at the realities facing the public sector one year on from the 2010 CSR, and whether key assumptions were being delivered such as growth in tax income, reductions in spending levels (including benefits).

  1. Delivering Deficit Reduction: how much and for how long?
    Tony Travers, London School of Economics
  2. Short-term demands and long-term needs. Can they both be met?
    Rt Hon Simon Hughes, Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrats MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark and Stephen Jones,Director of Finance and Resources, LG Group

Download the 'Delivering the Deficit Reduction: Rising Phoenix or a Dead Parrot?' presentation (PowerPoint, 6.79MB)