South East CIPFA Student Network

The South East CIPFA Student Network runs student events, supports students with academic or career development queries, and feeds student concerns into the CIPFA Student Network.

The South East CIPFA Student Network (formerly CIPFA South East Students' Society) was established in early 2009 for CIPFA students in the South East. The society operates with the support and funding of the CIPFA South East Council, which recognises the importance of improving student development in the region.

The society enables better communication between CIPFA students in the South East and CIPFA, and seeks to improve the quality of CIPFA students’ experiences by providing additional educational activities and networking opportunities.

Our objectives

The principal objective of the South East CIPFA Student Network is to support students within the South East region through:

  • independently representing the views and opinions of CIPFA South East students to CIPFA South East Council and the CIPFA Student Network
  • the supplementary provision of education and training arrangements for students registered in the South East region
  • enabling South East CIPFA Student Network Committee members to represent the views of students, participate actively on CIPFA panels and forums and contribute positively to relevant discussions
  • creating links with the student networks in other regions, other CCAB student societies and regional course providers.

Download our Terms of Reference (PDF, 290 KB).

More information

Contact us

If you would like to contact the South East CIPFA Student Network, please email E: