Volunteer opportunities

You could help the South East CIPFA Student Network to support students in a variety of ways as a volunteer.

The South East CIPFA Student Network is looking for new members to join our organising committee. Being part of the committee is a great way to build new contacts and supplement your personal and career development. The committee meets once every few months to plan and arrange future events, with meetings usually starting at 17:30. Volunteers can commit as much or as little time as they want.

Contact us

For further information about getting involved, please email E: southeaststudent@cipfa.org.

Benefits for volunteers

There are huge personal and career-related benefits to volunteering. Volunteering helps you to develop and practice new skills, shape the events and activities we organise for students, and network with friends and colleagues (to benefit your career and for fun).

The committee provides excellent opportunities to network with other CIPFA members – not only through attending CIPFA events but organising them as well. Through your involvement with the South East CIPFA Student Network, you will have opportunities to develop connections with people at different levels and stages of their career across a number of both public and private organisations.