CIPFA South West won the 'Most Improved Region' at the 2015 CIPFA Conference for the Regions

20 October 2015

Danny Batten celebrates the region's award

CIPFA’s South West Region has been awarded the 'Most Improved Region' at the CIPFA Conference for the Regions in October 2015. The award recognises the hard work and commitment by the whole team as it continues to provide the very best support to its students and members.

Danny Batten, President of CIPFA South West, gave his response to winning the award.

"I do not say this lightly when I say I was deeply moved and honoured to receive, on behalf of the SW Regional Council, the award for ‘Most Improved Region’ at the recent Conference for the Regions.

"Whilst already convinced that the sheer hard work by the whole team has set us on a course which will continually better help members and students in the South West, it was still a tremendous encouragement to have this national recognition.

"My long-standing vision is that our council and region need to work in such a way that we have a membership continually wanting to be involved in the region's development.  The key is to have a council of members who want to add to the wellbeing of all our members and students by building on what we already have.  

"It was evident to me that success will only come when there is a team (rather than a few individuals) willing to work together and pool all their skills and resources. The whole SW team has proved me right in a very short time. Former members of the council must not be forgotten and we know just how important their contribution has been to our current success.

"It does not cease to amaze me that this team continues to think of new ways to develop the region through your own ideas and contacts. It is a real privilege for me to know them all and to be associated with them in this way.

"We cannot rest on our laurels.  My aim is to win the award which the Scottish region won this year - Region of the Year, NOT because I want another award but rather to convince this team, and the region as a whole, that we have first class people in a first class regional council serving a first class region.  I am truly proud of them all."