changes to financial accounting and management accounting


From December 2015, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting modules have been refreshed. The changes cover three main areas:

  • Syllabus – while the content remains the same as in the June 2015 sitting, the % weightings of each syllabus are have been rebalanced.
  • Learning materials – new style workbooks have been updated and refreshed to reflect the syllabus aims and new assessment. The new versions are available automatically to those who purchased them previously.
  • Examinations – both modules will be examined online using 60 multiple choice questions (four options, one correct answer). Exams will be 120 minutes long and will have a pass mark of 60%.

Last exam sitting of current syllabus

Please make sure you book your Diploma and Strategic level exams under the current syllabus online. Bookings close on 30 September 2015 with late entries accepted until 7 October 2015.

Exam dates changes

We recently needed to change the dates of four of the exams partly to ensure the smooth implementation of the online assessment being piloted next sitting for two exams and to address some significant scheduling clashes affecting students of a number of employers. The scheduling of exams seeks to balance a number of factors and changing any of the dates wasn't  a decision that we took lightly. However, after careful consideration we felt that the changes were essential. Full dates are available online.