changes to PFT exam rubric


The Public Finance and Taxation syllabus has been updated for 2013, and this includes changes to the exam rubric.

Students will still be able to sit either the Public Finance or Taxation half of the module if they have gained an exemption from the other half. 

For students sitting the whole module, the exam rubric has changed from the 2012 exams. Four questions in total must be answered, however students this year must answer two Public Finance questions and two Taxation questions.

The full paper will be treated as one single paper, i.e. students will be awarded a single aggregate score. Students sitting just one half of the paper will receive a percentage score out of 50 available marks.

Full information on updates to our 2013 syllabuses is available on our Syllabuses page.

Download new PFT syllabus (PDF)
Download new PFT syllabus guidelines (PDF)
Download new PFT specimen exam paper (PDF)