guidance for completing multiple choice exams


This year multiple choice questions (MCQs) are being introduced on the CIPFA Professional Qualification. This will affect the Financial Accounting and Management Accounting papers from the June 2014 sitting onwards. 

Candidates sitting papers with an MCQ component will be provided with an answer sheet that must be completed as set out below, and then attached to and submitted with the rest of the exam script.

Completing MCQ answer sheets

Candidates must enter their five digit candidate number in the space provided at the top of the answer sheet, and mark the exam subject they are sitting. These sheets are detached from the rest of the exam script for marking, so it is essential that candidates complete this information accurately. Names should not be written on this or any other part of the exam script.

Answer sheets (including when indicating the exam subject) must be completed with a horizontal line “ – ” in BLACK pen, as below:

If a student wants to correct a mistake, they must use a cross “ X ” on the wrong answer, and complete their new answer with a horizontal line “ – ”, as in question 5 above.

Students should not use any other shapes or marks to complete the MCQ answer sheet, to do so risks delaying the marking process.

If candidates have any questions about completing their MCQ answer sheets, the invigilators will be on hand to assist with this, and a copy of this guidance will be at the exam venue.

We wish you all the best of luck with your exams.