June 2013 exam registrations are now open


We are pleased to confirm that the June 2013 exam registrations are now open. The new online booking system is accessed through the main CIPFA website and has been developed to simplify the exam registration process, eliminating the need for a separate log in (for the CIPFA shop). 

Please ensure that you have a current website account as previous SLC, Study Lounge or CIPFA Shop logins will not be valid for exam bookings. You can register at www.cipfa.org/Register or log in to My CIPFA at www.cipfa.org/Login.

CIPFA assessment regulations: June 2013 updated version is now available

As with every new exam sitting, we have updated the assessment regulations for June 2013 examinations. There are 2 main amends we would like to draw your attention to:

  • If candidates perceive an error or some other problem with an examination question, they should make an appropriate assumption, state it in their script, and carry on. In such circumstances, candidates should not seek the advice of the invigilator.  [ibid, p.3]
  • Script feedback reports will take approx. three weeks from the date of the order. Please note that no reports are released before the appeals submission deadline. [ibid, p.10]

Please ensure that you are familiar with the assessment regulations relevant to the exam diet in which you are planning to sit your exam. Assesment regulations are updated regularly for every exam diet. There are also three points that have proved problematic in recent diets:

  • special arrangements applications, with relevant evidence, must be submited to CIPFA by 02 April 2013 to ensure that appropriate actions can be taken in time
  • candidates are not allowed to remove exam papers from the venue on the day of the exam
  • no names or personal references should be used on exam scripts as these will not be marked

Please feel free to contact Student Support team on 020 3117 1870 or studentsupport@cipfa.org if you require any assistance.