PQ Audit and Assurance syllabus changes from December 2014


A number of changes have been made to the Audit and Assurance (AA) syllabus, and these changes will apply to candidates sitting the December 2014 exam. The main additional or amended content is as follows (NB references are to the learning outcomes in the new syllabus document, which is available from the CIPFA website syllabus pages.) 

  • Specific learning outcome on concepts of audit and assurance (A1)
  • Additional bullet point on Companies Act 2006 and other relevant legislation (A2)
  • Additional bullet point on governance regulations (A6)
  • Specific learning outcome on objectives of audit planning and risk assessment (B1)
  • Additional bullet point on identifying internal control procedures (C2)
  • Additional bullet points on review of audit evidence and reporting to stakeholders (E2)
  • Additional bullet points on outsourcing of internal audit function and impact of Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (F1)
  • Addition of Public Sector Internal Audit Standards in annex of examinable standards.