Trailblazer Accounting Apprenticeship Standard Consultation


To reform Apprenticeships in England, the government is encouraging employers to take the lead in developing a number of Trailblazer projects that will set the standards for new Apprenticeships nationally.

As part of the Trailblazer, a group of employers and professional bodies have been working together on behalf of the sector to develop two draft Apprenticeship standards – the Accounting Technician standard and the Chartered Accountant standard.  We are now keen to capture the views of a wider range of employers and partners so that we can reflect your views when developing the standard.  We would welcome consultation responses by close on 6 June 2014.

You can respond to the Consultation survey by clicking on the link below:

You can download the government’s guidance about what the standard should cover on trailblazers and Apprenticeship reform on, as well as relevant guidance about what the standard should cover here:

Trailblazers and Apprenticeship reform – what are they?

The reform to Apprenticeships is a response to the Richard Review (2012) and aims to:

  • Increase the quality of Apprenticeships
  • Put employers in the driving seat
  • Simplify the system

The standards will replace the current Apprenticeship frameworks and will be short, easy to understand documents that describe the level of skill, knowledge and competency required to achieve mastery of a specific occupation and to operate confidently in the sector.

Our ambition

Over the last two years employers in the accountancy sector have taken a leading role in shaping Apprenticeships in the sector. We are pleased to be supporting the Government’s new Trailblazer initiative, working in partnership across the sector to develop two new Accounting standards.

Our ambition is to design standards that are at once flexible and robust enough to meet the needs of employers across the sector. We see this as a unique opportunity for employers to define the skills they need to see their businesses grow and transform Apprenticeships so that they are better able to meet these needs and address skills and talent challenges.

We want the standards we are developing to remove real or perceived barriers to start a career in accounting and open access to the professions. We have consciously designed the framework to be flexible and non-prescriptive to allow individual employers to shape a programme fit for their organisation, but also well defined, robust and of world class quality; in order to allow apprentices everywhere to operate confidently in the sector.

We have developed this consultation in order to capture the views of a wider range of employers and partners, so that we can reflect your views when developing the standard. Please complete this short survey by the 6 June.

Should you have any questions, please contact marking your email ‘Trailblazer’. We thank you for your time and support in responding to this survey.