updates to 2013 pq syllabuses and materials


Updated 2013 PQ syllabuses will be published next week, together with a summary of the main changes made. As you will know the syllabus was substantially revised last year so the changes being made are generally quite minor and primarily focus on updates to modules such as PSFR, FR, PFT and GPPE to reflect ‘real world’ changes in these areas. For PFT, we are continuing to allow students with an exemption or prior pass in the half module (PF or T) to take the half paper concerned. To support this change of policy we have updated the specimen paper for PFT and that too will be published next week.

Learning materials are also being updated in line with these syllabus refinements and new versions will be accessible though the CETC or Kaplan websites, depending on your choice of tuition provider.  New materials will be available from 05 February 2013.