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Protecting Place and Planet


At their heart, public services ensure that people stay safe and healthy, that they have the freedom and resources to learn and thrive, that the places where they live and work are clean, sustainable and connected. Increasingly, public servants are focusing on the environmental impact of public services, alongside their social and economic impacts, and what actions the sector can take to address the climate crisis.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals offer an ambitious and exciting blueprint to guide countries towards a more prosperous and sustainable future. With a delivery target of 2030, the SDGs call for action on comprehensive range of social, economic and environmental indicators, from poverty and inequality to infrastructure, urban development and institutions. 

As work accelerates on the SDG agenda, public finance will be key to ensuring social, economic and environmental objectives align and finance professionals will be central to the effort of translating the ambition of the SDGs into reality.

How CIPFA can help

At CIPFA, we work with partners in the UK and around the world to address inequality through better public financial management. Through our unique advisory expertise we can help public sector organisations determine the best way to provide services to those most in need, while our standards and guidance support excellent and transparent reporting. In addition, our educational and learning programmes can help CIPFA members and other public finance professionals tackle issues relating to carbon accounting, integrated reporting, and sustainable impact – all of which are invaluable tools to help deliver the SDGs.

Within the UK, CIPFA is working with local authorities on the following areas

Tackling Your Housing Crisis
Building Sustainable Social Care
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