Integrated Reporting: Public Sector Pioneer Network

Public sector organisations are being increasingly challenged to maintain or improve outcomes within the same or reduced resources. Communicating how, and how well prepared they are, to achieve this will be critical to public accountability. The <IR> Public Sector Pioneer Network has been established for organisations in the public sector to explore why and how the public sector should be adopting <IR>.

Participants in this international network share views and experiences on how Integrated Reporting (<IR>) principles can be adapted for the public sector, with the end goal of improving transparency and building trust. The network is an opportunity for public sector organisations to use <IR> to understand and clarify the connectivity of the information they already publish. It will focus on how they can apply the <IR> Framework to present a more complete and coherent picture.

Participating organisations include the World Bank Group, UNDP, the Welsh Government, UK government departments, New Zealand Treasury and South African public organisations. Your organisation is invited too.

Why Integrated Reporting?

Integrated Reporting promotes a more cohesive and efficient approach to organisational reporting that draws on different reporting strands and communicates the full range of factors that materially affect the ability of an organisation to create value over time. 

The International Framework is principles-based, allowing organisations to innovate and develop their reporting in the context of their own strategy, key drivers, goals and objectives. The framework can also be used to support integrated thinking to improve the performance of government agencies and entities like cities, local government, health and educational institutions, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in a similar way to the private sector.

Articles and publications




  • Focusing on Value Creation in the Public Sector – 11 November 2016

<IR> application notes for the public sector project

CIPFA is developing a series of application notes to help public sector organisations implement <IR>. It has established an international working group which will peer review the application notes, and provide technical and professional advice during this project. The members are:

  • Karen Koch, Chief Adviser Integrated Reporting, Eskom Holding SOC 
  • Vikki Lewis, Senior Finance Adviser Government Financial Reporting, Her Majesty's Treasury
  • Lee Hammill, Deputy Director of Finance, University of Edinburgh 
  • Richard Dale, Executive Director of Finance, Newcastle University
  • Karel Thomas, Executive Director, British Universities Finance Directors Group 
  • Ken Warren, Chief Accounting Advisor, New Zealand Treasury
  • Ileana Steccolini, board member CIPFA Governments Faculty; Professor of Accounting and Finance, Newcastle University
  • Yvonne Chan, Director (Corporate Development) and CFO, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
  • Fiona Daley, Independent Consultant 
  • Laura Leka, <IR> Network Lead for Business & Public Sector, International Integrated Reporting Council 
  • Kerry Ace, Finance and Policy Manager (Governance and Academies, Colleges & Universities), CIPFA
  • Marcel Holder Robinson, Finance Policy Manager (Governments), CIPFA.

Get involved

  • Participate actively in the network. 
  • Raise awareness in your organisation.
  • Work towards adopting integrated thinking and reporting in your organisation. 
  • Provide feedback to fellow participants and the secretariat. 

The Public Sector Pioneer Network is a joint initiative of CIPFA and the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). As a member of the network you will have an opportunity to help shape the public sector perspective on <IR>. Please contact E: for more information or if your organisation is interested in participating in this network.