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2021/2022 Cash Flow Statement Toolkit For Practitioners In Local Authorities (3 Year Subscription)


The Cash Flow Toolkit will be refreshed for 2021/22. The toolkit can dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to produce an accurate cash flow statement and notes, compliant with the CIPFA Code of Practice.

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The new toolkit will be released in March 2022.








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The toolkit consists of a number of Excel worksheets that guide the practitioner through the step-by-step process required to achieve a balanced cash flow statement and associated notes.

The worksheets are set up to calculate relevant figures and export these to other cells or worksheets throughout the toolkit as appropriate, avoiding the need to recalculate or re-input figures. Helpful comments and tips are included throughout to guide users' interpretation and prevent common errors. A reconciliation section at the back of the toolkit helps the user quickly identify adjustments required if their toolkit is not balancing.

The guidance manual provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide for completion of the worksheets. It also includes a number of helpful tips to increase the user's awareness of non-cash items and other entries that need to be identified and adjusted for.