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The role of the chief financial officer in local authorities


A guide to help bring clarity to the complex list of duties a CFO is expected to carry out. It provides an important source of reference for personal development, both for current and aspiring CFOs.








The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) occupies a critical position in any organisation, holding the financial reins of the business and ensuring that resources are used wisely to secure positive results.

But what are the other duties and responsibilities that sit alongside? What are the qualities, skills and knowledge that the CFO must aspire to in order to meet the organisation’s needs?

While the global financial crisis and economic downturn have made these tasks even more challenging, they have also underlined the fundamental importance of the role.

This publication is intended to support individual finance professionals. It outlines the core responsibilities of the CFO, as well as the personal skills and professional standards that are crucial to success in the role.

The statement is intended to apply to all public service organisations and their CFOs, irrespective of where they work.

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