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Technical panels and boards

CIPFA panels and technical boards are responsible for the institute's policy and technical work, each specialising in a different public finance function or sector.

CIPFA panels provide expertise to the Institute and its members. They work with government and regulatory bodies to make sure that the needs of CIPFA members and functions are addressed. They also provide policy documents for members and the wider accountancy profession.

Panels, made up of experts in the particular subject or field, are supported by CIPFA staff. Panel members have a variety of backgrounds, so that they represent a variety of perspectives and interests from their particular subject area or sector.

In addition to CIPFA panels, CIPFA also provides the secretariat for a number of specialist boards and committees that work independently or with CIPFA in specialist aspects of public finance and accountancy. Further information about these can be found below, where they are listed under the heading of other committees and boards.

CIPFA panels and boards

Other committees and boards: