Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Board membership

The members of the Governments Board are as follows:



    Vanessa Howlinson

    Chief Finance Officer, Highways England, CIPFA Council Member




    Heather Cousins 

    Director General Capabilities and Resources, Home Office


    Richard Douglas 

    Director General, Department of Health


    Mark Williams

    Director, PA consulting


    Gawain Evans

    Director of Finance, Welsh Government


    Catherine Little 

    Director General, MOD


    Michael Parsons 

    Director General, Government Property


    Marcine Waterman

    Non-Executive Director, Ashford and St Peter's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


    Aileen Murphie 

    Director DCLG, NAO 


    Sarfaz Nawaz

    Director of Finance, OFWAT