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CIPFA Central Government Conference, 27 November, 2018

Playing the long game – preventing a public finance crisis

Since 2010 the public services we all access have had to adjust to a prolonged period of spending reductions. This has been part of a fiscal policy directed towards reducing government spending deficits and ultimately reducing government debt. The problem is that in 2010 there may have been room to reduce spending and deliver the same level of services for less cost. As the easy wins have gone, it arguably becomes progressively harder to find further efficiencies without either a change in the way services are delivered or investment in new and more efficient ways to deliver services, or both.

About this event

Finance professionals have a key role in supporting improvements to planning and decision making in government. The finance profession needs to lead the way in working collaboratively and developing and sharing expertise and skills in support of this across government.  All of which needs to be underpinned by shared and common principles, systems and processes.

Most people recognise that we cannot simply carry on reacting to pressures of demand on our services, we need to think longer-term, more strategically and consider how to better manage the causes of demand. This conference will also consider the financial case to move towards a preventative policy approach to achieve defined outcomes for citizens. Can the case be made for prevention and is that better than cure? Or, are we heading to a crisis in public finances if we do not change track?

Who should attend?

All members of the government finance function/profession and those colleagues with a wider interest in understanding current public financial management challenges.

Benefits of attending

Delegates will gain a better understanding of the current long-term trends in the UK government's finances. They will also benefit from hearing first-hand examples of planning for outcomes in the critical sector of health spending, and what lessons have been learnt from that experience. Doing things differently requires enhancing existing skills and capabilities. Delegates will also learn about the skills required to deal with the significant financial challenges ahead for public finance. Finally, delegates will gain insights from listening to experts in their field discussion current challenges in an open panel session to finish. This event also provides an opportunity to network with like-minded professional across government bodies.