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The Health & Social Care Board focuses on health and social care finance and policy.

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Address your queries and feedback to Milan Palmer, Policy Support Officer. If you would like to be considered for board membership, please send a summary of your CV and a note of your key areas of interest.

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Health and Social Care – Insights into Integration

30 October 2019

Central Hall – Storey's Gate, London, SW1H 9NH

The NHS Long Term Plan and proposals for legislative changes have re-emphasised the government’s commitment to the integration agenda, but do little to address some of the practical challenges remaining in relation to finance and governance. 'Insights into Integration' aims to take a critical look at the current landscape of health and social care integration, the progress that has been made and the remaining barriers to be broken down.

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Consultation Responses

19.08.19 – House of Commons: Health and Social Care Committee Budget and the NHS Long Term Plan

08.10.18 – House of Lords: Social Care Funding


The Faculty Board meets three times a year.


We offer a portfolio of support services to the health sector. These include: