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Health & Social Care Board


The Health & Social Care Board focuses on health and social care finance and policy.

Role of the Board

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Address your queries and feedback to Mark McLean, Policy Support Officer. If you would like to be considered for board membership, please send a summary of your CV and a note of your key areas of interest.

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Consultation Responses

19.08.19 – House of Commons: Health and Social Care Committee Budget and the NHS Long-Term Plan

08.10.18 – House of Lords: Social Care Funding


The Faculty Board meets three times a year.


We offer a portfolio of support services to the health sector. These include:


HSE: Assurance Practitioners (Band 3)

£39,334 - £45,865: HSE: At HSE, we work with one goal in mind – to help keep Britain’s workforce safe and healthy. As an Nationwide