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Role of the Health & Social Care Board

The Health Board reports to CIPFA's Public Finance and Management Board. Its terms of reference are:

  • finance and policy issues relating to health and Social Care 
  • liaison with the HFMA
  • policy formulation and implementation within board approved strategies and business plans
  • approval (by the Chair where necessary) of Institute responses to government, professional bodies' and other bodies' consultation/discussion papers and exposure drafts
  • work programme formulation for recommendation to the board, monitoring of programmes and reporting performance to the board
  • the development, promotion and maintenance of best practice, standards and guidelines and the production and dissemination of relevant advice and material for members and employers, on issues falling within the Board's defined areas of responsibility
  • the establishment of positive and productive professional relationships with government, national audit bodies, professional regulators and other bodies
  • working with CIPFA's Public Finance and Management Board and its panels on matters of mutual interest.

The panel was established in 1998.